Rockfish Frostbite Challenge

January 15th – 18th 2009 at Virginia Beach, Virginia. More information at the link below:


Fountain Powerboats Reports Higher Net Sales

Fountain Powerboat Industries today reported net sales of US$20.7 million for the fourth quarter ended June 30, 2008, compared to US$19.9 million for the same period a year ago. Its net income for the quarter was US$258,305 compared to US$535,059 for the same period a year ago.

Fountain reports higher net sales for Q4

FW: Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Tournament Press Announcement


Monday / September 15 / 2008

For Immediate Release
Ginny Cohen

News and Updates for the
’09 Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout
January 8-10, 2009
$100,000 Estimated Tournament Payout!!!

Dear Anglers,
For those of you who have supported and participated in the Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout we can’t thank you enough!  It’s been a great time and we have learned a lot along the way.  With the 5th Annual mark behind us, we look to the next 5 years to, as always, provide the biggest, baddest Rockfish tournament in the country!  As we continue to grow, we will learn to be innovative and adapt to keep up with the challenges that face us.  Please know that all decisions made for the Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout evolve from suggestions and recommendations that we receive from our participants – always keeping our anglers and conservation in mind.  This tournament is and always will be foremost about our anglers!
As I mentioned at the ’08 awards ceremony, this year we will have 2 divisions – 1 for live bait and 1 for artificial.  This decision is based on our respect for the traditions and sportsmanship of both of these different techniques.
Here’s how it will work:
I am very excited to announce that the ’09 Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout will payout a guaranteed CASH prize of $100,000 plus calcuttas based on 250 teams being registered.  The payout will be distributed between the two divisions (artificial bait and live bait) according to the percentage of participation in each division.  (For example:  If there are 250 teams entered and 200 are artificial bait and 50 are live bait teams the payout would be distributed as follows.  Out of the $100,000 jackpot – $10,000 Early Bird Payout = $90,000 to distribute.  Live Bait Distribution = $18,000 and Artificial = $72,000.  If less than 20% choose to enter the tournament in either category (live or artificial bait), then the tournament may opt to choose the format in favor of the most popular category the following year (2010). 
If you didn’t catch it in the above example, yes – this year’s Early Bird Raffle will consist of 2-$5,000 raffles so enter by December 15, 2008 for a chance at the Early Bird Raffles – which will be drawn at the Captain’s meeting.  If you preregister you still have the option to change your category to live bait or artificial the night of the Captain’s meeting.
Moving forward, we’ve got great things ahead.  We have made a 5 year commitment to give $25,000 to CHKD to pay for a recovery room in the Children’s Hospital.  We also annually donate to the Casey Neal Rogers college scholarship fund awarded to a deserving high school student from Reedville, Virginia.  This year the Shootout also helped one of our anglers though a donation to his transplant fund.  Our anglers are the most important key to our success and together we are reaching out to our community through donations and our annual fish contributions to the Southeastern Foodbank.  To date, we have contributed over 20,000 meals to the homeless community in Hampton Roads.  Thank you. 
As usual, your tournament entry will include a nightly fest, daily breakast and 5 tickets to the awards banquet.  It is our goal to provide the best bang for your buck in the tournament world and, as promised, we haven’t raised the registration fee!
We hope to see you in ’09!
Best regards,
Mike Standing, Jr.

Fish Hard.  Fish VB.


New Jersey Boatbuilders Join Layoff Cycle

New Jersey-based Viking Yachts, Ocean Yachts and Egg Harbor Yachts have all confirmed layoffs this summer, according to a local news source. The builders, which build large sportfishermen and motoryachts, said that lower orders have prompted the layoffs.

New Jersey boatbuilders join layoff cycle

Fishing forecast for week of Sept. 4 – Sept. 11

Tuesday was historical for Virginia’s white marlin fishery. Boats that ventured out into the blue waters of the Norfolk Canyon found astonishing numbers of the excitable billfish.


Fishing forecast for week of Sept. 4 – Sept. 11 | |