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Join Capt. David Fisher aboard the "HERITAGE" for some of the best Striped Bass, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Croaker, and Red Drum fishing to be had in Virginia, Maryland and the Coastal Atlantic Ocean.



Capt. Fisher has over 25 years of fishing experience on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and lower Potomac River. 

Fisher’s Bay Charters is dedicated to pleasing their clients with successful fishing charters for All.  Whether your obective is to reunite a group of friends, entertain clients, hold a church social, facilitate family bonding, or perhaps foster a corporate "team building experience", a Fisher’s Bay Charter is the ideal setting.  In any event you can expect to be greeted by both a friendly and knowledgeable captain and mate who will provide a professional atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the day.

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Lie detectors put fishermens’ tales to the test


Nearly a dozen big-money offshore tournaments have been held since. And the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament starts Wednesday out of Rudee Inlet.

Polygraph tests costing between $150 and $600 are used in all of them, almost always without incident. They’ve become a necessary tool to keep the playing waters fair.

"Oh… you have to have polygraphs," said Jim Tobin, tournament director of the Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament, which concluded last weekend. "With this much money involved, it’s the final layer of protection."

On Saturday night, hours before the checks are handed out, several members of winning teams will be strapped up with electrodes and asked a series of questions.

Hopefully, nothing will smell fishy.

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Chesapeake buoys provide data on the bay


The "smart buoys," placed throughout the bay and on the Potomac River and other rivers, deliver real-time data on temperature, turbidity, water quality and more through the Web, a mobile application or by phone.


Chesapeake buoys provide data on the bay

N.J. teen hooks monster fish – a 60-pound striped bass


On his second cast, a very, very large striped bass went for the live eel hooked as bait at the end of his line.

The 13-year-old Chatham resident reeled in the fish over the next 10 minutes and when it got near the boat, his cousin Rick Carroll, 52, aimed a flashlight at the catch.

"I shined the light on it and said, "Oh my God,”’ Rick Carroll said.

N.J. teen hooks monster fish – a 60-pound striped bass | | Courier-Post

Child angler set to break own record


Jazmine Evans is unassuming at first sight – a petite 10-year-old in pink-and-white polka-dotted shorts and a blue floral -printed tank top – as she stands next to a bluefin tuna.

She’s sporting a casual grin and dark sunglasses.

But this is no ordinary young lady.


Jazmine is a fishing machine who quickly is making a name for herself on the world fishing scene.

The tuna hanging next to her is a pending world record that looks bigger than the little angler who caught it.

The 53-pound, 4-ounce fish, shattered the existing International Game Fish Association record for female junior anglers 10 and younger.

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Stolen Tackle off Boats At Rudee Inlet

I received word today that 6 each Tiagra 50s, 1 each Tiagra 70, & 2 each TLD 25s were stolen off of my good friends boat while docked behind Rockofellars at Rudee Inlet. All of the rods were custom made at Bishop’s Tackle. Rods were black with green trim throughout. The 70 had a planer rod. All tackle was a year or less old. We are aware other boats have been hit at other locations this summer. Please contact us if you see these items at any pawn shops, ebay, or tackle stores, etc. Or better yet, just keep your eyes out for any suspicious behavior around Rudee.

Thanks a Bunch!

Big Boy

Need some Help Stolen Tackle At Rudee