Regulator 26 Lost At Sea Back In The East



Almost four years after it was lost at sea, a boat made right here in the east is finally home.

The Queen Bee, made by the boat manufacturing company Regulator, located in Edenton, was found off the coast of Spain back in January.

On Tuesday night, the company held an event to reveal the remarkable shape that the boat is still in after spending three-and-a-half years in the Atlantic.

The boat went missing after an encounter with a storm in Nantucket.

Rich St. Pierre and his brother-in-law Scott Douglas were thrown overboard, and had to swim to shore.

Rich St. Pierre is the captain of the Queen Bee and says, “You just keep going through these periods where you don’t think you’re going to make it, then you’re going to make it. Then finally I saw the shore so I knew I was going to make it.”

Rich told us it took him an hour-and-a-half to make it back. Regulator president Joan Maxwell says her goal is for the ship to end up at the ship wreck museum in Nantucket.


Boat Lost At Sea Back In The East.


Day 1 Fishing Aboard Cacique at the VBBT





















Groups weigh court options after E15 ruling

The National Marine Manufacturers Association is reviewing its litigation options after a three-member panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit dismissed the marine industry’s challenge to allowing E15 into the fuel supply.



The 2-1 decision was disappointing, but was “procedural,” Cindy Squires, the NMMA’s chief counsel of public affairs and director of regulatory affairs, told Soundings Trade Only.

“Obviously this is a setback, but it’s not necessarily over unless we decide to say it’s over,” Squires said. “The whole decision really centered on this jurisdictional question of standing and didn’t get to the merits of the arguments.”

The plaintiffs working together on the case — coalitions from the manufacturing, food and petroleum industries — will decide what the next action before the court will be.

Two judges said the plaintiffs didn’t have grounds to bring a case based on court precedents and therefore could not consider the merits of the arguments presented. The dissenting judge said the Environmental Protection Agency had clearly overstepped its authority.

Squires said dissenting Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s comments were “heartening.”

“He made it abundantly clear that he felt that the EPA had overstepped its authority [by granting an E15 waiver], so that was very heartening,” Squires told Trade Only.

Kavanaugh said the waiver was “flatly contrary to the text of the statute.”

Judges David Sentelle and David Tatel ruled that the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the case. Tatel said he was forced to concur with the decision that there was no jurisdiction even though he believed the D.C. Circuit case law to be wrong, Squires said.

“There are some who would look at that and say perhaps it opens the door for an en banc review because only the full court can change the case law precedent,” Squires said.

An en banc review would mean all members presiding over the D.C. Circuit Court would be asked to rule on the case, creating a chance to change case law and review the plaintiffs’ arguments on its merits.

Another option would be to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case, Squires said.

The groups have about 45 days to decide how to move forward and the challenge to an EPA “misfueling rule” is still pending, Squires said. That case has been put on hold until the groups decide how to move forward.

— Reagan Haynes

2012 Current Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament Leaderboard


Category 1 – Team Award
Place Boats Name Points Prize
1st Safari Kevin Gaylord (Captain) 630 $67,172
2nd Bi-Op-Sea Jesse Granitzki (Captain) 630 $40,303
3rd Bid Time Matthew Carter (Captain) 490 $26,869
Category 1 – Most Points Each Day
Day Boats Name Points Prize
Tuesday Tarheel John Bayliss (Captain) 350 $11,063
Wednesday Bi-Op-Sea Jesse Granitzki (Captain) 630 $11,063
Thursday $11,063
Friday $11,063
Category 1 – First Billfish Release Each Day
Day Boats Name Prize
Tuesday Jesus Freak C.B. Southward (Angler) $2,921
Wednesday Release Blake Spivey (Angler) $2,921
Thursday $2,921
Friday $2,921
Category 1 – Game Fish Award – Yellow Fin Tuna
Place Boats Name Weight Prize
1st El Cazador Bobby Ricks (Owner) 73 $4,056
2nd El Cazador Sail Ricks (Angler) 59 $2,434
3rd Weldor’s Ark John Roberts (Owner) 54 $1,622
Game Fish Award – Wahoo
Place Boats Name Weight Prize
1st Galot 3 Ray Snead (Angler) 43 $4,056
2nd Ann Warrick Linwood Lacy, Jr. (Owner) 30 $2,434
3rd Marlin Gull Jason Brandt (Angler) 30 $1,622
Game Fish Award – Dolphin
Place Boats Name Weight Prize
1st Pelican John Bailey (Angler) 21 $4,056
2nd Legacy Jonathan Weisaeit (Angler) 14 $2,434
3rd Legacy Richard Joy (Angler) 13 $1,622
Category II – Heaviest Blue Marlin – Jackpot 1
Place Boats Name Prize
1st $33,660
2nd $20,196
3rd $13,464
Category III – Heaviest Blue Marlin – Jackpot 2
Place Boats Name Prize
Winner Take All $70,950
Category IV – Top Billfish by Team – Jackpot 1
Place Boats Name Points Prize
1st Bi-Op-Sea Jesse Granitzki (Captain) 630 $52,594
2nd Bid Time Matthew Carter (Captain) 490 $31,556
3rd Desperado Andy Morris (Captain) 490 $21,038
Category V – Winner Take All Team – Jackpot 2
Place Boats Name Points Prize
Winner Take All Bi-Op-Sea Jesse Granitzki (Captain) 630 $93,500
Lay Day Calcutta
Place Boats Name Prize
Winner Take All $7,650
Top Male Angler
Place Boats Name Prize
Winner Take All Award
Top Lady Angler
Place Boats Name Prize
Winner Take All Award
Top Youth Angler
Place Boats Name Prize
Winner Take All Award





Dealers say ethanol damage increases with drought

Some boat dealers in states affected by drought and high temperatures say they’re seeing an increase in boats with ethanol damage.

Kansas gas station is first to offer E15
“We’re seeing more boats affected by ethanol because the boats are sitting longer,” Jeff Seims, at Blue Springs Marine near Kansas City, Mo., told Soundings Trade Only. “They might use them once every month or two months, giving alcohol a chance to cause more damage to their boats.”

Seims says he and the staff try to persuade customers to use ethanol treatments all summer long, rather than just during winterization, but they’re not always successful.

When the ethanol has done damage, “the best case you can hope for is that you can clean out the carburetors and fuel pumps, but this year we’ve had complete fuel system failures, and you can go from a $400 bill to a couple thousand dollars or more, depending on how big the motor is,” Seims said.

“It’s frustrating because we try to educate the customers, and every boat we sell they have to sign a waiver about alcohol damage,” Seims said.

Despite their efforts, many customers aren’t aware that fuel that is 10 percent ethanol is mandatory in Missouri.

“We even had one of our state representatives come in with problems of alcohol damage, and we were able to say, ‘Here’s what your laws are doing to customers,’ ” Seims said. “Of course he said, ‘I didn’t vote for that!’ ”

Rod Malone, at Sail & Ski, with four locations in Texas, said last week that he took a boat back because of persistent issues because of ethanol.

“The customers just don’t understand, and pretty soon they just think it’s a lemon,” Malone told Soundings Trade Only. “They have no understanding or tolerance for issues they’re having with ethanol. They’re not sympathetic because they don’t have issues with their car. But they don’t let their cars sit for three or six weeks.”

“If you’re not using the boats you have a fuel deterioration problem, for sure, and the ethanol’s shelf life is less, so that’s an issue,” Malone said.

Read more about how the drought and record heat are affecting boat dealers in the September issue of Soundings Trade Only.