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Tuesday September 17, 2013
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The Fall show season is here and we have a lot of great events to tell you about!

Trawler Fest

September 26-29, 2013 – Harbourview Marina – Baltimore, MD
Bluewater Sales Professional Chuck Meyers will be heading up our presence at Baltimore’s 2013 Trawler Fest, where we’ll have two fine Grand Banks brokerage boats on display:

47′ Grand Banks 2007

36' Grand Banks 1993

36′ Grand Banks 1993

United States Powerboat Show

October 3-6, 2013 – Annapolis, MD

US Powerboat Show

The first major show of the season is just a few weeks away and Bluewater personnel will be on-hand representing all of our esteemed production brands. See us at:

Back CoveBack Cove Yachts – Dock F2

Back Cove 30
Back Cove 30
Back Cove 34
Back Cove 34
Back Cove 30
Back Cove 37
Back Cove 37 Downeast
Back Cove 37 Downeast

CaboCabo Yachts – Dock A1

Cabo 40
Cabo 40HTX

Grand BanksGrand Banks Yachts – Dock A

Grand Banks 43
Grand Banks 43 Heritage EU
Grand Banks 50
Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX

PrincessPrincess Yachts – Dock K1

Princess V48
Princess V48
Princess 52 Fly
Princess 52 Flybridge
Princess 60 Fly
Princess 60 Flybridge
Princess 52 Fly

RegulatorRegulator Marine – Dock S

Regulator 25 FS
Regulator 25 FS
Regulator 28 FS
Regulator 28 FS
Regulator 25 FS
Regulator 34 CC
Regulator 28 FS

SabreSabre Yachts – Dock F2

38 Sabre Express
Sabre 38 Salon Express
42 Salon Express
Sabre 42 Salon Express
48 Sabre Express
Sabre 48 Salon Express
42 Salon Express

VikingViking Yachts – Dock A

Viking 52C
Viking 52C
42 Salon Express
Viking 42C
Princess on the Chesapeake
Book-ending the U.S. Powerboat Show in Annapolis, Bluewater Yacht Sales will be hosting a Princess Yachts VIP Open House showcasing the Princess  V48, new 52 Flybridge (both slotted for display in Annapolis) as well as the V52 & 60 Flybridge.

Please contact us for more info on this special event!

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

October 31 – November 4, 2013 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Save the date, and pencil in being able to see our finest brokerage opportunities as well as all the latest products from our new boat brands! If you are a customer interested in showing your boat in Fort Lauderdale, please contact your sales representative today!

New Product News

Sabre 54 Salon Express

Debuting this Winter at the Miami Show, The Sabre 54’s standard power will be twin 700hp Volvo-Penta diesels with IPS 900 pods for those seeking the efficiency, convenience and close quarter’s handling capabilities of pod drive systems.

View New Model Information >

Back Cove 41

Back Cove 41

This new Back Cove 41 will make her debut in the Miami Show 2014. Her purposeful design will establish new standards for power cruising yachts. Her stable, planing hull form and fuel efficient single engine drive line, offers comfortable, low cost cruising. The interior layout provides two private berths each with their own head and shower – and storage is abundant.

View New Model Information >


Looking for one more reason to take home the Legendary Ride?
We’ll give you 3,000.

Purchase an all-new 2014 Regulator between September 12 and December 31 to take advantage of unprecedented deals during our Legendary Savings Event. $3,000 cash rebate on the Regulator 28 and $5,000 cash rebate on the 32, 34 and 34SS.
New Model Brands


Brokerage sales continue gains in August

U.S. brokerage sales topped 3,000 boats for the fifth month in a row in August, finishing 9 percent ahead of the same month a year earlier.

Aggregate totals from YachtWorld member brokerages reporting in, their proprietary database, were 3,066 boats sold — 256 more than in August 2012 — and $312.5 million changing hands, an increase of $65.9 million.

The power and sailboat sides of the market showed growth with power up 9 percent at 2,510 boats sold and sail gaining 11 percent to 556. The increase in aggregate price came largely from powerboat sales, which rose 31 percent to $272.6 million. The price paid for sailboats increased 4 percent to $39.9 million.

Brokers for boats between 46 and 79 feet did much stronger business this August than they did a year earlier. The 46- to 55-foot segment grew by 16 percent with 168 boats sold and the total value of sales increased from $36.2 million to $50.2 million, a gain of 39 percent.

In the 56- to 79-foot range, sales were up 26 percent, from 54 boats sold to 68, and the total value increased in step, rising 25 percent to $34.5 million. Superyacht sales rose from 10 to 16 boats and they sold for $59.9 million, a hefty 139 percent increase.

Sales of boats under 26 feet rose 13 percent with 957 boats sold and the total value increased from August 2012 by 29 percent to $22.2 million. The smallest gains were made in the next size segment, boats 26 to 35 feet, which is also the highest volume part of the market. Sales of this size boat were up 3 percent to 1,183 and the total value of the sales was 2 percent lower at $60.2 million.

For 2013 through eight months, U.S. brokerage sales were 4 percent higher with 23,488 boats sold. The aggregate price paid, year to date was $2.82 billion, up 25 percent from 2012 for the same period.

A more detailed report summarizing recent U.S. brokerage sales will appear in the October issue of Soundings Trade Only.

— John Burnham editorial director

Maryland lawmaker favors reduction in boat tax cap

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — At least one Maryland lawmaker is hoping to further lower a tax cap on boats so the state can better compete with neighboring states in sales.

Delegates Speaker Michael Busch, who was honored Tuesday by the Marine Trade Association of Maryland in Annapolis, said passing Maryland’s tax cap bill on boats not only helps Maryland’s waterways, it also helps the whole industry thrive.

“This bill had two benefits,” Busch told a crowd of about 100 association members. “One, it put money into our Waterway Improvement Fund, and the other thing was it capped the excise tax at $15,000 and encourages people to buy more boats in the state of Maryland. After two or three years, we’re going to look at whether we can’t bring it down further. It not only brings more boat buyers to Maryland, it also brings more craftsmanship and repairs here to Annapolis. That’s the reason we’re called the sailing capital of the world and we’d like to keep that title.”

In April, the Maryland General Assembly passed Senate Bill 90, which caps Maryland’s vessel excise tax at $15,000 a vessel. For vessels under $300,000 the tax cap offers no benefit, but for vessels above $300,000 the tax savings can be enormous.

Trade association president George Dunigan presented the award to Busch, saying that “without Mike’s help it wouldn’t have gotten done.”

Busch then presented Dunigan with the pen used to sign the bill.

Trade group legislative consultant John Stierhoff told the group that the number of boats coming back to the state of Maryland since the cap’s approval is being closely monitored.

“This provides an opportunity to bring some of these big boats back, not just for the sale, but for the yards and repair,” Stierhoff said. “It’s a huge opportunity for us. The Greater Baltimore Committee called for a review of the state tax system, so the luxury taxes on boats may come up again.”

— Reagan Haynes

The Back Cove Downeast 37 for The Annapolis Powerboat Show

September 6, 2013
The Back Cove Downeast 37: 
The Single Diesel Engine Driveline

The Back Cove range of down east style cruising boats, in a range from 30 to 41 feet, has been built around a single diesel engine driveline and for boaters accustomed to twin engine drivelines, the choice of a single may require some explanation.


Back Cove designs are vee-hulls with a pocket recess on centerline. The purpose of the pocket is to reduce draft and to move the propeller thrust closer to the axis of the hull where it is most efficient. Back Cove designs get on plane in the 12-14 knot range and have cruise speeds from 20-25 knots depending on engine selection. Most will achieve 29 knots at wide open throttle with the largest available motor. These performance figures are similar to twin diesel engine boats of comparable size.

So just what are the advantages of a single engine?

  1. A single diesel engine costs less to maintain than do two smaller engines. Impellers, zincs and oil changes all cost less.
  2. One shaft, one shaft seal, one propeller to maintain in lieu of two. In the event of a grounding, incident damage is far less expensive.
  3. Winter layup costs are reduced.
  4. A single engine fits lower in the hull between the center stringers making the design more stable.
  5. Access to all sides of the engine is dramatically improved because of the engine location on centerline. Twin engine boats typically have a small space between the two motors and space outboard of each is very hard to access.
  6. Single diesel engine boats are significantly less costly to operate than are twin gas engine designs and, they maintain their value far better due to expected long engine life.

“So, I get the upside, but what about the maneuverability of the Back Cove designs?” The answer to this one is simple. Back Coves all are equipped, as standard, with bow thrusters. Back Cove also offers an optional stern thruster and with those two accessories these boats are more maneuverable than a twin engine design.

“OK, so there is one more question and that is about reliability and dependability of a single engine.”


Today’s common rail diesels are extremely dependable. Most now offer a get home feature where if there are any issues such as an overheat, oil pressure or fuel supply problem, they will self-protect by dropping down to a minimum RPM allowing the vessel to return to the nearest port.

Virtually every fishing vessel that works in offshore waters has just one engine for all of the same reasons mentioned above. Their world requires them to make daily checks of their systems and to maintain their engines at a very high level, all of which a consumer should do to protect their investments. These engines are costly and preventive maintenance is critical. Daily fluid, belt and fuel quality checks are important and scheduled maintenance, equally so. A well maintained diesel only requires clean fuel to run so fuel is the key to dependability. These statements hold true for both single and twin engine applications.

This common sense approach to boat design and ownership is the basis on which the Back Cove range was created. The newBack Cove Downeast 37 is another great example of how boaters can get out on the water for a lower cost and with increased confidence in the driveline of their boat.

Back Cove Downeast 37
Back Cove Downeast 37 VIDEO

Viking Launches the 42 ST


The New Viking  42 ST



The Viking fleet continues to expand with the launch of the new 42 ST (Sport Tower) shown here during a recent sea trial on the Great Bay. The newest addition features the proven resin infused hull of its stable mates, the 42 Convertible and 42 Open, with a sleekly styled deckhouse and an impressive Palm Beach Towers‘ tuna tower.  




Like the 42 Open, the 42 ST has a 120 square foot cockpit with dual mezzanine seating, and a center console command station on the bridge deck with three helm chairs and port and starboard lounges. Below, the spacious interior includes a master stateroom forward and an aft stateroom with twin berths separated by the galley, the air conditioned salon and a head with a fiberglass shower stall. Twin 600 mhp Cummins QSC diesels matched to Zeus pod drives with single lever and joy stick controls deliver rapid response and amazing maneuverability.