Trout fishery shut down … at least for some

In a move to help protect the speckled trout population, I’ve been told that the Virginia Marine Resources Commission on Tuesday issued an emergency shut down the fishery for 30 days pending another meeting in March.

However – and this is a huge however – the commission apparently only shut down the fishery for recreational anglers. Commercial fishermen, who still have some of their quota left, can continue to take trout until their limit is met.

Speckled trout – and some puppy drum – have been suffering from cold stun because of recent blasts of frigid air. When temperatures dip too rapidly, fish become disoriented or even die.

Commercial fishermen the past few weeks have been witnessed using dip nets to scoop lethargic fish swimming just below the surface in an attempt to warm themselves. The practice is legal, but has caused an uproar in the recreational angling community. And let’s face it, if they still have a quota to fill, it’s better than simply wasting fish.

But in North Carolina, where the same similar situation exists, fisheries managers immediately shut down the fishery for both recreational and commercial users until the summer. The action in North Carolina was quick and effective.

So why not the same in Virginia? If it’s an emergency situation, shouldn’t it be an emergency for all users – just like in North Carolina?

We’re waiting for answers from the VMRC and will update as soon as we hear back from them.


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Uses Dead Sailfish As Fashion Accessory


By Joe Cermele

I have not gotten a chance to look at the most recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in print or online, so I can’t take credit for this find. Dave Ferrell, the editor of sister publication Marlin Magazine did, however, get a chance to scope out SI’s swimsuit coverage, and he wasn’t too happy with what he found. Though I’m sure he was more interested in the articles than the photos, if you chase billfish and are hip to the issues surrounding billfish conservation, you too might not be keen on seeing a dead sailfish worn like a scarf.

From the story on Marlin’s website:

Some of the general public, possibly Sports Illustrated, may just look at this sail and think it’s a smelly dead fish — no skin off their backs. We hope that the next time Sports Illustrated releases its swimsuit issue, it gives more thought to its prop choices. No dead fish, no dead animals and certainly not one that is being used as a fashion accessory. This is the magazine’s 50th anniversary of the coveted swimsuit edition, and they have been around so long for a reason. This could have been an attempt to bring controversy or to bring more eyes to the issue. SI has been seen as creating controversy. First, it was nearly naked women that angered some of the public. Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition seems to be well past that, and now, a new audience could be outraged.

I happen to agree that this shot was poorly thought out. If you want a model to pose with a dead fish, make an intern Google the species and do a little research to be on the safe side. In Madagascar where the photo was taken, eating billfish is probably common. But SI isn’t making magazines for the native peoples of their shoot locations. If she was holding a yellowfin tuna or dolphin, I don’t think anyone would be as upset. You can read the full article here.

Bluewater Yacht Sales Launches New Mobile Web Site

Bluewater Yacht Sales Launches New Mobile Web Site

Exclusive Listings, New Boat Models and Staff Contacts Now More Accessible on your Smartphone

Debuting the week of the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, Bluewater Yacht Sales recently launched an all new mobile optimized experience for their existing web site, Designed from the ground up to make searches of Bluewater’s exclusive boat listings quick, easy and straightforward the mobile site is sure to be a hit with both customers and brokers alike. In addition to browsing or searching Bluewater’s brokerage inventory, visitors are also able to view new models and look-up and contact a sales professional by name or location, as well as learn more about upcoming events and connect on social marketing networks.Visitors using mobile devices to access Bluewater’s web site will automatically be directed to the new mobile site which is optimized for a consistent experience on iOS, Android, Windows, and other major smartphones. The full desktop version of the site will continue to be available to all visitors as well.

Highlights of the new mobile site include:

  • Excellent readability on small-screen devices
  • Swipe enabled photo galleries for touch-screen devices
  • Proprietary filters and sort options for simplified searches
  • Modern, “flat” design
  • Multiple, easy ways to find a Bluewater listing or sales person
  • Easy-to-use Email and Call buttons throughout
Request more information or experience the new site yourself by on a smartphone device.
See My Personal Mobile Site At:

Viking Yachts Miami Wrap-Up: Feel The Heat

Viking Yachts


Our hot fleet of new Vikings certainly did its part to counter the frigid February temperatures we endured at the Viking plant this month, as indicated by the contagious enthusiasm we saw in our 16 boat display at the recently concluded Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show. Between February 13 and President’s Day February 17, nearly 5,000 guests registered to see the world’s most exciting collection of luxurious, high-performance convertible sportfishing yachts from 42 to 92 feet.

By the end of the first day, four Vikings were sold and the momentum continued throughout the show as we sealed contracts on 12 boats, including two 82 Convertibles, a 76 Convertible, two 70 Convertibles, three62 Convertibles, a 50 Convertible, two 42 Convertibles, and a 42 Open. The month’s activity actually began earlier with a 62 Convertible and a 76 Convertible sold during the Viking VIP Boat Show Preview at the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida. Another 70 Convertible sold immediately after the Miami Show and several other deals are in progress.

Feel the Excitement at Viking Yachts


Tremendous interest also was garnered with updates and renderings about the 92 Convertible, the 75 Motor Yacht and a 52 ST (Sport Tower), new models scheduled to launch between late summer and early fall 2014.

See the entire Viking Lineup:


What’s the Brokerage Market for the Hatteras 40 Double Cabin?

Hatteras 40 Double CabinWe spoke to three brokers who each had a Hatteras 40 Double Cabin for sale on See what each had to say about this roomy, versatile cruiser.

Randy Walterhoefer, Curtis Stokes and
“The Hatteras 40 Double Cabin was pretty much one of the last of the small Hatteras motoryachts. What is really interesting about a 40 Hatteras Double Cabin is that they were like all Hatteras boats painted with Imron, so they aged pretty well and don’t have faded gelcoat, like a typical 1987 boat would show. You have nice Imron paint that can easily be polished back. Typically you can find one of these boats in pretty good shape. Endurance is the one that I have listed, it’s a 1987, and it has 1,582 hours and it’s never, ever, ever been in salt water. And it’s never been kept in an open slip, it’s always been in a boathouse. Started life in Michigan and now she’s in Tennessee. So she is a very special example of a Hatteras 40 Double Cabin. Most of these boats have the covered aft deck. This boat has the open sun deck. If you’re interested in doing the Great Loop, it doesn’t matter if you buy a boat in Tennessee, because you can start your loop from there. A Hatteras 40 Double Cabin had a vertical clearance of 15 feet 9 inches, which makes her a perfect candidate to do the great loop because you have to get under a fixed bridge up in Chicago. Her 4-foot 9-inch draft makes her a perfect family cruiser for the inland waters of the U.S. and the Intracoastal. You mix this with the really good pedigree of a Hatteras and I think you’re getting a really nice bang for the buck.”

Hank Sibley, Bluewater Yacht
“Absolutely one of the big things about the Hatteras 40 double cabin: You get the nice, queen-size bed in the aft stateroom with cabinetry on both sides for plenty of stowage for clothing and what have you. Forwared you have a vee-berth that gives you plenty of room and you usually find in the saloon a sofa which would be a pull-out bed, so you get plenty of accommodations still on a 40-foot boat. It’s very easy to maneuver for its size. I think what we’re seeing in the market now, versus a year and even two years ago, good boats from say 2000 and later are getting harder and harder to find for the same price range that you can get into something like this Hatteras for. For its age, this is a great buy. It’s a great boat to have, a motoryacht with very modern features compared to what you see now. Hatteras took a step where they paint their hulls and they’re as built out as any molded boat. They had a tendency back then and today to overbuild and give you a nice finished product. Look at the exterior of this boat at its age, and it shines as well as a boat in the 2006 vintage, which is hard to find. That shows you the quality.”

Hank’s Hatteras 40 Double Cabin Listing ” Miss Wanda”

Joe Laundrie, Denison Yacht Sales;
“Everyone that calls, and I mean everyone, knows the Hatteras brand. And if it’s a woman or if it’s a man, they say, ‘I’m a Hatteras guy.’ Or ‘I’m into the Hatteras brand.’ And ‘I’ve shopped around, I’ve looked around.’ The beam on this, being 13-foot plus, for only a 40-foot boat that’s a lot of volume inside, and everyone really does seem to know about the Hatteras brand, and even though the boat’s a 1988, they’re still well educated on Hatteras. I’ve been getting calls from everyone up and down the east coast who’s looking for an actual liveaboard, so now these double cabins are kind of desired for people who are trying to get off of the land and to sell their homes and move into a boat that they’d be able to take around rather than just having a house and a condo somewhere else. The buyers are a little bit younger, and they’re looking for something to live aboard, and typically I find that it’s couples trying to live aboard these boats without any children, but they just like the mobility factor, where they’re able to continue to have a place to stay but at the same time they could take the lines off and then, for an extended period of time go travel the coast.”


What’s the Brokerage Market for the Hatteras 40 Double Cabin?.

74 Pound Rockfish Tagged and Released Aboard The Midnight Sun with N.C, Department of Game and INland Fisheries

Congrats to Charlton Godwin and the guys from N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries for catching this HAWG…… The fish was 56″ and the certified scale was bouncing between 74 and 75 pounds potential state record, but the coolest part is she was tagged and released to fight another day, I’m sure she was loaded with eggs as well. It’s cool to catch a fish that has probably avoided hooks and nets for over 30 years. Good job guys and hopefully the next four trips are as good as the last two!

Power & Motoryacht Must See at the Miami Boat Show

The latest from Regulator—a 23—doesn’t disappoint.

Regulator 23

  • Builder: Regulator
  • Model: Regulator 23
  • 2014

Regulator announced the debut of its latest build, the 23, back in November 2013, and since then numerous orders have come in from customers eager to get their hands on a hard-charging, versatile fishing boat. The vessel has plenty of stowage, a 23-gallon livewell in her transom, a 55-quart built-in cooler, and lots of seating. What’s more, with a top speed of 40 knots (thanks to a single Yamaha F300, this boat can flat-out fly. Fast, fishable, and room for your guests? No wonder this thing is so popular. Check her out on the docks at this year’s (2014) Miami show.

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Back Cove 41

By Kevin Koenig

February 2014 New Boats Notebook

We tracked down the inside scoop on what boatbuilders are up to next.

Back Cove 41 profile

  • Builder: Back Cove
  • Model: Back Cove 41
  • 2014


“The focus of the Back Cove 41 is on long-range cruising; loopers and the like,” says Bentley Collins of Back Cove Yachts. “She’s got two queen-sized berths and two heads on the lower level, then the galley and main saloon on the helm deck. This is the first Back Cove with a helm-deck door to the starboard side deck, a nod to the cruising couples who we expect will be using this design.”

This seems like the perfect boat for a couple to take around the loop, or just down a section of it. She’s also got two staterooms below, so the owner can bring another couple, or maybe the grandkids. Nicely executed design here.Back Cove 41 deck plans

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