Rockfish Special: 2008 Grady-White 282 Express $86,500.00

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Rockfish Special: 2008 Grady-White 282 Express $86,500.00


EPA raises expected level of ethanol for 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency reversed course from its initial proposal regarding mandated ethanol volumes for 2017, acting to increase the volumes more than initially proposed.

The EPA announced on Wednesday, the day prior to a long weekend for many, that it raised its corn ethanol volume mandate for 2017 to levels Congress set in the 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard, “handing a win to agricultural groups and biofuel makers,” according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

In the final volume rule, the agency said it would require that 15 billion gallons of conventional biofuel be mixed into the nation’s fuel supply, an increase from the 14.8 billion gallons it had called for in its May proposal.

The May proposal had raised the ire of both ethanol opponents and proponents.

The new figure is in line with the mark that Congress prescribed under the Renewable Fuel Standard during the George W. Bush administration almost a decade ago.

“The EPA decided to revert back to the congressional vision of RFS. That’s what we’re dealing with in 2017,” NMMA senior manager of government relations Michael Lewan told Trade Only Today. “It’s definitely a bit of a departure.”

The EPA has slowed the increase of ethanol in the overall fuel supply in previous years from the requirements set forth in the 2007 RFS, but continues to set increases the law requires.

The EPA’s newest proposal increases the need for higher blends of ethanol to record levels in 2017, pushing further past the E10 blend wall, according to critics of the proposal. The blend wall is the term used for the maximum amount of ethanol in fuel that all engines can tolerate — which is E10, or 10 percent ethanol.

The total mandate for biofuels rose to 19.28 billion gallons. The requirement for cellulosic advanced biofuels was set at 311 million gallons, and advanced biofuels were set to 4.28 billion gallons. The 2018 biodiesel mandate has been left unchanged from the proposal at 2.1 billion gallons.

“Today’s decision by the EPA directly threatens the safety of millions of American boaters,” NMMA president Thom Dammrich said Wednesday in a statement.

“EPA ignored the overwhelming evidence presented by the boating industry in its decision to increase the 2017 ethanol mandate to record highs. EPA’s misguided decision not only denies the public choice at the pump to purchase ethanol-free fuels, but they are now increasing the spread of a dangerous, prohibited fuel blend that will cause damage to marine engines and raises serious safety concerns. It’s clear that the EPA has failed in its duty — now more than ever NMMA urges the new Congress and the Trump administration to work together to deliver actual reforms that fix this broken law and protects the millions of American boaters.”

Donald Trump came out in support of the ethanol industryleading up to the Iowa caucus in January. On Sept. 15 Trump “momentarily” said he would repeal a key piece of the fuel standard, but quickly changed course.

The Trump campaign website briefly posted a fact sheet announcing his opposition to a key component of the biofuel law, saying it “penalizes refineries if they do not meet certain blending requirements. These requirements have turned out to be impossible to meet, and are bankrupting many of the small and midsize refineries in this country,” according to the Times-Picayune.

That fact sheet was quickly taken down later on Sept. 15 after pressure from the ethanol industry, the newspaper said.

A Trump campaign official declined to comment on the change in the fact sheet, saying only that Trump’s commitment to the standard as it is written is “unshakeable,” The Hill reported on Sept. 15.

Still, Lewan was optimistic that the new administration could usher in the RFS reforms the industry has sought.

“There’s ample opportunity as we shift to get reforms that break the cycle and update the 2007 law to update the law to current market realities,” Lewan said. “Ultimately, the EPA did last November come below the statutory requirements for 2016. This year EPA had proposed to come the same proportion below the 2017 requirements, but they have upped that number a bit, which is disappointing, but it underscores why we can’t rely on EPA and government agencies to rule in our favor. We need legislative changes and for Congress to work together to fix the law they wrote. I think there’s a good opportunity entering January to use this announcement as a catalyst to show why we need change sooner rather than later.”


Source: EPA raises expected level of ethanol for 2017

Federal judge issues injunction against new overtime rule

A little more than a week before it was scheduled to take effect, a federal judge Tuesday blocked an Obama administration rule that would have extended overtime eligibility to 4 million Americans.

The Labor Department’s overhaul of the overtime rule would require employers to pay time-and-a-half to salaried employees who work more than 40 hours in a given week and earn less than $47,476 a year.


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Viking Yachts: The Long and the Short of It

The Viking 37 Billfish
 The Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible
Viking co-founder Bill Healey has no shortage of infamous sayings that cut through the chaff when he is making a point about boat building. “The long and short of it” is one example and clearly describes two models we have under construction at both ends of our product spectrum.
The 37 Billfish is being built at our Viking Mullica facility, and even in its earliest stages has gathered quite a following with nearly half of the year’s production snapped up by eager buyers who appreciate the classic day boat style that best serves sport fishing fanatics.  Reminiscent of the popular Merritts and Rybovichs fawned over by the Palm Beach sailfish and Cat Cay tuna fishermen in the late 1950s and 1960s, the 37 Billfish is the heir apparent to a new chapter of fish boat history.
From bow to stern the 37 Billfish is about form and function. The slick hull and running surface are designed to slip through the water maximizing the response and performance from its twin diesel power. In the deckhouse, there is ample space for a convertible dinette, a lounge, good tackle stowage and even a lower helm station to extend both ends of the fishing season in northern climes, while providing comfort from the heat in tropical paradises like Costa Rica. The flying bridge is set up tournament fashion with a center console helm and flanking lounges. In the cockpit, it’s all fishy business with a transom door, transom live well, bait freezers and twin mezzanines.
With an amazing interior featuring a private stateroom forward, a well-equipped galley and a head and shower you’d expect to see on a 40-footer, the 37 Billfish easily transforms into a perfect family cruising yacht when the fishing rods are put away.
This galley module with lush Juno teak joinery bespeaks Viking‘s talented shipwrights. Look for the first 37 Billfish during the 21st Annual Viking VIP Boat Show Preview at the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida, February 3-4, 2017, and later that month at the Yachts Miami Beach boat show.
At the opposite end, our flagship 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible is simply an amazing accomplishment.
A sprawling salon of epic proportions is captivating in every attentive detail to elegance and luxury.
The galley is appropriately equipped with world class appliances and conveniences, including bar stool seating.
For more formal dining affairs, seating for six beckons guests with attentive grandeur.
A strikingly beautiful master suite, one of five staterooms, is a lavish achievement featuring motor yacht ambiance.
The forward helm is complemented with an aft station for docking and fishing. Abaft the helm area, luxurious appointments create a second climate-controlled salon with raised seating, entertainment options, and endless water views.
The after-deck lounge with its extended flying bridge overhang is a sheltered conversation area with inviting accommodations for morning coffee and evening cocktails. Port side ladder steps provide outside access to the enclosed bridge. Port and starboard teak planked stairs lead to the cockpit.
A sizable mezzanine in the cockpit serves as a convenient observation perch with the deck providing access to refrigeration and freezer spaces, tackle stowage and passage to the engineroom and crew quarters.
With 238 square feet of cockpit space, the 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible is well equipped for serious tournament fishing and includes numerous amenities including a transom live well, a transom door, fish wells, a refrigerated drink box, gaff and tag stick stowage, rounded coamings, flush rod holders and more. To truly appreciate the Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible, please click here when you are ready for a personal virtual tour.
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The New Jupiter 25 Bay

The New Jupiter 25 Bay on display at The Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show: 

Jupiter 25 Bay
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Jupiter Marine Display at 2016 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

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